ETAPS 2022: 2-7 April 2022, Munich, Germany


The ETAPS association strongly condemns the war against Ukraine launched by President Putin. It is an intolerable breach of international law and a crime against humanity, unfolding in Europe now.


Dear Participants of ETAPS,

After two years of enforced online fallbacks, the community can come back from video watching to meeting in person again. We are happy that we can contribute to that and ETAPS '22 is thus an on-site event again! Of course, this comes with certain risks and inconveniences. In contrast to the past, the number of participants cannot be derived from the previous statistics; since we may have less participants, the fixed expenses (such as proceedings costs) are disproportionally large and induce higher fees, despite obtained sponsorships and other sources of money we acquire. To alleviate this issue, significant number of stipends will be issued for those whose travel budgets are tight despite the travel bans during Corona.

Further, we expect higher percentage of student participants since many of them are past the midpoint of their PhD without having travelled anywhere. Despite that we keep the student fees subsidized and on the previous levels (taking the banquet into account). The regular fees cover for that to make these issues impact the students the least. (More concretely, to put the fees into perspective, we had roughly 15% to 17% inflation over all sectors between 2016 and now, for food even higher. Taking this inflation into account, current regular fees are 16% higher to cover for the student fees being 13% lower. Given the expected higher percentage of students this year, the current budget and fee structure manage to eliminate all other corona-related price increases.)

We hope that the sad fact that Munich is the most expensive city in quite a few years except for London (with 700 participants and 500+ forecasted by then-reliable statistics, thus decreasing the fees) will not prevent you from coming. Further, the more registrations are made the more stipends will be offered as we want to enable everyone to come to the conference. (Any possible remaining surplus is as always donated to the ETAPS Association to boost the next year's travel stipends for those in need.)

While the event is on site, we do not want to prevent anyone affected by Corona to participate. Hence, online participation is possible. However, it is meant as an exception, not a rule, as the community wants to meet again. Consequently, no special rates are available. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Munich live again!



What is included? Besides the obvious (rooms, organization, proceedings), the rates for satellite events (workshops, on-site competitions) include coffee breaks and lunches, and the rates for the conferences include coffee breaks, lunches, and excursions. The conference rates do not include the workshop registration, which need to be booked separately.

Excursion. ETAPS 2022 has two excursions: a welcome reception at the main building of LMU in downtown Munich and an excursion to a Bavarian brewery in Munich downtown. The purpose of the excursions is to get participants together for discussions and exchange not limited to scientific topics, but also on teaching, future collaborations, career development, and academic life.

Therefore, all conference registration rates below include the excursions. For technical reasons, the charge for "excursion" is a separate item in the registration system: first you select the registration for the conference, and later you add an extra item to the ticket (mandatory, not possible to deselect).

Q: Why are excursion and VAT listed on my invoice as separate items and can I avoid that?
A: The official invoice is legally bound to contain the VAT and what amount is taxed. Consequently, the excursion has to be listed explicitly. The only alternative is to apply VAT of 19% to the whole registration fee, resulting in each participant paying 100 euro more but the budget obtaining 0 euro more. For your personal perusal, we also issue a fee-payment confirmation, which you may have received also at other conferences, listing only whether you have registered for the conferences and/or satellite events, and the total amount arriving to the conference account.
On-site vs. remote. While we plan the event for on-site participation, if you cannot travel, you can participate and present your paper remotely. We will use parts of the registration fee from remote participants to cover the cost for remote participation. Therefore, there is no difference in the fees regarding on-site vs. remote participation.

Cancellation policy. Unfortunately, the conditions of the event do not allow us to offer cancellation refunds. The cancellation fee is the full registration rate. This risk can be avoided using a travel-cancellation insurance. (In Europe, such insurances are offered for about 25 EUR.)

Registration type Early Normal Late On-Site
until Feb. 20 Mar. 10 Apr. 1 Apr. 7
Satellite (Workshops) - Saturday 95 € 95 € 125 € 200 €
Satellite (Workshops) - Sunday 95 € 95 € 125 € 200 €
Conference - Student 450 € 500 € 550 € 650 €
Conference - Regular Member 650 € 750 € 800 € 900 €
Conference - Regular Non-member 690 € 800 € 850 € 950 €


Registration site:

Note: There are known problems with the Safari web browser. Please consider using Chromium or Firefox in case of problems with credit-card payments.

The following table lists for each satellite event the days for which a registration is necessary.

Event Saturday Sunday
RW    X
SynCoP X  
VerifyThis X X