ETAPS 2022: 2-7 April 2022, Munich, Germany

ETAPS 2022 Joint Call for Papers

Why choose ETAPS?

- ETAPS is one of the world's leading research fora on software science, with more than 25 years of history.
- The proceedings of ETAPS appear in gold open access, with no article processing charge for the authors specifically.
- ETAPS has low participation fees for all and in particular for students.

New in 2022:

- Like FASE for several years already, ESOP will also use double-blind review this time.
- FASE has a new paper category of new ideas and emerging results (NIER) papers.
- The pre-paper-acceptance artifact submission deadline for TACAS is now a little later than the paper submission deadline.
- ESOP and FASE welcome voluntary submission of artifacts for evaluation after paper acceptance; the outcome will not change the paper acceptance decision.

Important dates

Paper submission and review

The four conferences of ETAPS 2022 solicit contributions of the following types. All page limits are given excluding the bibliography.

  • ESOP: regular research papers of max 25 pp
  • FASE: regular research papers and empirical evaluation of max 18 pp, new ideas and emerging results (NIER) papers of max 8 pp, tool demonstration papers of max 6 pp + mandatory appendix of max 6 pp
  • FoSSaCS: regular research papers of max 18 pp
  • TACAS: regular research papers, case study papers and regular tool papers of max 16 pp, tool demonstration papers of max 6 pp

For definitions of the different paper types and specific instructions, where they are present, see the webpages of the individual conferences.

The rationale for exempting the bibliography from the page limit  is to remove the possibility to win space for the body of paper by cutting the bibliography, a practice that has a negative effect on our competitiveness as a community.

All accepted papers will appear in the proceedings and have presentations during the conference. A condition of submission is that, if the submission is accepted, one of the authors attends the conference to give the presentation. We plan ETAPS 2022 as a hybrid conference; remote attendance and presentation will be possible.

Submitted papers must be in English presenting original research. They must be unpublished and not submitted for publication elsewhere. In particular, simultaneous submission of the same contribution to multiple ETAPS conferences is also forbidden.

Submissions must follow the formatting guidelines of Springer's Lecture Notes in Computer Science and be submitted electronically in pdf through the Easychair author interface of the respective conference. Submissions not adhering to the specified format and length may be rejected immediately.

ESOP and FASE will use double-blind reviewing. Authors are asked to omit their names and institutions; refer to prior work in the third person, just as prior work by others; not to include acknowledgements that might identify them.

ESOP and FoSSaCS will use an author rebuttal phase. TACAS will use rebuttal for selected submissions (those in the gray zone).

Artifact submission and evaluation

Regular tool paper and tool demonstration paper submissions to TACAS must be accompanied by an artifact registered by the paper submission deadline and submitted by the  specific deadline shortly after. The artifact will be evaluated and the outcome will be taken into account in the acceptance decision of the paper.

For research paper and case study paper submissions, pre-paper-acceptance submission of an artifact is optional; if an artifact is submitted at this point, it will be handled like described in the previous sentence.

Alternatively, authors of papers of these categories may submit an artifact for evaluation after the paper has been accepted. The outcome of the artifact evaluation will then not change the paper acceptance decision.

ESOP and FASE will also have artifact evaluation, but participation in this is voluntary; the artifact submission deadline is after the paper notification deadline. The outcome will not alter the paper acceptance decision.

For specific instructions regarding artifacts, see the webpages of the individual conferences.


The proceedings will be published in the Advanced Research in Computing and Software Science (ARCoSS) subline of Springer's Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series. Similarly to ETAPS 2018-2021, the proceedings of ETAPS 2022 will appear in gold open access, meaning that the published versions of all papers will be available for everyone to download from the publisher's website freely, from the date of online publication, perpetually. The copyright of the papers will remain with the authors.

The publisher's charges for gold open access will be paid by the conference (funded with the participation fees of all participants). There will be no added cost for authors specifically.

Best paper awards

The strongest papers of the four conferences will be nominated for the ETAPS best paper awards of EAPLS, EASST and EATCS.

The ETAPS test of time award recognizes outstanding papers published at ETAPS more than 10 years in the past.