Where do I have to go?

  • For a plan of the campus and building, see here.
  • For the information which workshop happens in which room, see here.
    The room numbers link to the TUM room finder.
    Note that if your room starts with "01." it is on the first floor.
  • For information where your main conference session happens, refer to the programme for the day you are interested in.
    The room names link to the TUM room finder.
    Note that the Interims HS1 is not part of the main building, but in a separate building to the north of it.
  • For directions towards the Reception, see the bottom of the page with the programme of Monday.
  • For directions towards the Banquet, see the bottom of the page with the programme of Wednesday.

When is a workshop/session happening?

  • Refer to the conference programme.
  • For workshops, the weekday is listed in the programme overview. The exact programme is on the individual workshop websites. See here for a list of workshops, including links to the specific websites.
  • For the main conferences, general information is available in the programme overview.
    For the details of the sessions, refer to the daily schedules (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday).

How do I give my talk?

  • Technical information for speakers (remote and on-site), chairs and organizers is summarized here.
  • For posters, there are booths in the main hall. Pin your poster to any booth (first-come-first-serve), using the pin needles stuck in the booth. Choose any booth (first-come-first-serve), potentially using both sides.

How do I join remotely?

  • The Zoom links are given in the conference programme. The password (meeting code) was sent to you by mail.
  • In case of technical problems (e.g. no sound from on-site speaker), write in the zoom chat. If this doesn't work, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will react as quickly as possible.

Where is the food?

  • There are several food stations in the main hall. They offer salad, warm food and coffee delicacies.
    They are all marked with an ETAPS sign.
    Warning: There is a counter selling coffee and some food. For free food and coffee, look for the tables with the ETAPS sign.

In case of further questions, go to the check-in desk (near the northern entrance) or look for ETAPS volunteers (clearly marked by wearing orange shirts).