ETAPS 2022: 2-7 April 2022, Munich, Germany

Doctoral dissertation award

The 2022 ETAPS Doctoral Dissertation Award was won by

Sebastian Wolff

for his 2021 Technische Universität Braunschweig dissertation

Verifying Non-blocking Data Structures with Manual Memory Management [doi]

The committee was very impressed by the results in Dr. Sebastian Wolff's dissertation, which makes a landmark breakthrough in the verification of concurrent data structures. The committee also really appreciated that his dissertation both contains fresh theoretical insights and goes all the way to a tool that can verify practical data structures as well as to extensive and reproducible results.

The Award Committee consisted of

Caterina Urban (chair)
Nobuko Yoshida (representing ESOP)
Mariëlle Stoelinga (representing FASE)
Andrew Pitts (representing FoSSaCS)
Holger Hermanns (representing TACAS)
Marieke Huisman
Ralf Jung