ETAPS 2021: 27 March-1 April 2021, Luxembourg, Luxembourg (online)

FoSSaCS 2020 programme

All times are in CEST (GMT+2)

Monday, March 29
09h00 - 10h20 FoSSaCS

FoSSaCS'20 Session 1 (Chair: Barbara König)

  • S. Akshay, Blaise Genest, Loic Helouet, Sharvik Mital. Timed Negotiations [doi]
  • Ivan Lanese, Iain Phillips, Irek Ulidowski. An Axiomatic Approach to Reversible Computation [doi]
  • Cinzia Di Giusto, Laetitia Laversa, Etienne Lozes. On the k-synchronizability of systems [doi]
  • Thomas Colcombet, Nathanaël Fijalkow, Pierre Ohlmann. Controlling a random population [doi]
Tuesday, March 30
09h00 - 10h20 FoSSaCS

FoSSaCS'20 Session 2 (Chair: Christine Tasson)

  • Satoshi Kura. Graded Algebraic Theories [doi]
  • Miriam Polzer, Sergey Goncharov. Local Local Reasoning: A BI-Hyperdoctrine for Full Ground Store [doi]
  • Mario Alvarez-Picallo, Jean-Simon Lemay. Cartesian Difference Categories [doi]
  • Mathieu Huot, Sam Staton, Matthijs Vákár. Correctness of Automatic Differentiation via Diffeologies and Categorical Gluing [doi] (nominated for EATCS and EAPLS best paper awards)
Thursday, April 1
09h00 - 10h20


FoSSaCS'20 Session 3  (Chair: Andrzej Murawski) 

  • Ugo Dal Lago, Giulio Guerrieri, Willem Heijltjes. Decomposing Probabilistic Lambda-calculi [doi]
  • Marcelo Fiore, Andrew Pitts, Shaun Steenkamp. Constructing Infinitary Quotient-Inductive Types [doi]
  • Marcelo Fiore, Philip Saville. Relative full completeness for bicategorical cartesian closed structure [doi]
  • Mai Gehrke, Tomáš Jakl, Luca Reggio. A duality theoretic view on limits of finite structures [doi]
10h40 - 12h00


FoSSaCS'20 Session 4 (Chair: Sergey Goncharov)

  • Alessio Mansutti. An Auxiliary Logic on Trees: On the Tower-hardness of logics featuring reachability and submodel reasoning [doi]
  • Thomas Neele, Antti Valmari, Tim Willemse. The Inconsistent Labelling Problem of Stutter-Preserving Partial-Order Reduction [doi]
  • Romain Péchoux, Simon Perdrix, Mathys Rennela, Vladimir Zamdzhiev. Quantum Programming with Inductive Datatypes: Causality and Affine Type Theory [doi]
  • Gerco van Heerdt, Clemens Kupke, Jurriaan Rot, Alexandra Silva. Learning Weighted Automata over Principal Ideal Domains [doi]
17h00 - 17h40


FoSSaCS'20 Session 5  (Chair: Gerco van Heerdt)

  • David Kahn, Jan Hoffmann. Exponential Automatic Amortized Resource Analysis [doi]
  • Léo Exibard, Emmanuel Filiot, Pierre-Alain Reynier. On Computability of Data Word Functions Defined by Transducers [doi]