ETAPS 2021: 27 March-1 April 2021, Luxembourg, Luxembourg (online)

Doctoral dissertation award

The 2021 ETAPS Doctoral Dissertation Award was won by

Ralf Jung

for his 2020 Saarland University dissertation

Understanding and Evolving the Rust Programming Language [doi].

The committee found that Dr. Ralf Jung's dissertation is very well-written and makes several highly original contributions in the area of programming language semantics and verification. The committee was also particularly impressed by the dissertation for its technical depth, the quality and quantity of the associated published work, as well as its relevance and impact both in academia and industry.

The Award Committee consisted of

Caterina Urban (chair)
Luís Caires (representing ESOP)
Andrzej Wasowski (representing FASE)
Andrew Pitts (representing FoSSaCS)
Dirk Beyer (representing TACAS)
Marieke Huisman
Oded Padon