ETAPS 2021: 27 March-1 April 2021, Luxembourg, Luxembourg (online)

FASE 2021 programme

All times are in CEST (GMT+2)

Monday, March 29
10h40 - 12h00 FASE

Software verification / program analysis (Chair: Paolo Bottoni)

  • Jyoti Prakash, Abhishek Tiwari and Christian Hammer. Effects of Program Representation on Pointer Analyses — An Empirical Study [doi]
  • Christian Lidström and Dilian Gurov. An Abstract Contract Theory for Programs with Procedures [doi]
  • Elvira Albert, Reiner Hähnle, Alicia Merayo and Dominic Steinhöfel. Certified Abstract Cost Analysis [doi] (Nominated for EAPLS best paper award)
  • Aleksandar S. Dimovski, Sven Apel and Axel Legay. A Decision Tree Lifted Domain for Analyzing Program Families with Numerical Features [doi]

14h00 -



FASE Invited Speaker: Willem Visser (Chair: Marielle Stoelinga)

15h20 - 16h40 FASE 
Model checking and model transformations (Chair: Anton Wijs)
  • Pablo Ponzio, Ariel Godio, Nicolas Rosner, Marcelo Arroyo, Nazareno Aguirre and Marcelo Frias. Efficient Bounded Model Checking of Heap-Manipulating Programs using Tight Field Bounds [doi]
  • Yong-Jun Shin, Eunho Cho and Doo-Hwan Bae. PASTA: An Efficient Proactive Adaptation Approach Based on Statistical Model Checking for Self-Adaptive Systems [doi]
  • Joshua Gleitze, Heiko Klare and Erik Burger. Finding a Universal Execution Strategy for Model Transformation Networks [doi] (Nominated for EASST best paper award)
  • Maria Maximova, Sven Schneider and Holger Giese. Compositional Analysis of Probabilistic Timed Graph Transformation Systems [doi]
Tuesday, March 30
10h40 - 12h00 FASE

Testing (Chair: Marielle Stoelinga)

  • Rupak Majumdar, Aman Mathur, Marcus Pirron, Laura Stegner and Damien Zufferey. Paracosm: A Test Framework for Autonomous Driving Simulations [doi]
  • Richard Schumi and Jun Sun. SpecTest: Specification-Based Compiler Testing [doi] (EASST best paper award winner)
  • Yixiong Chen, Yang Yang, Zhanyao Lei, Mingyuan Xia and Zhengwei Qi. Bootstrapping Automated Testing for RESTful Web Services [doi]
  • Ziyuan Zhong, Yuchi Tian and Baishakhi Ray. Understanding Local Robustness of Deep Neural Networks under Natural Variations [doi]
14h00 - 15h20 FASE 
Verification and runtime models (Chair: Esther Guerra)
  • Luca Aceto, Duncan Attard, Adrian Francalanza and Anna Ingólfsdóttir. On Benchmarking for Concurrent Runtime Verification [doi]
  • Lucas Sakizloglou, Matthias Barkowsky and Holger Giese. Keeping Pace with the History of Evolving Runtime Models [doi]
  • Nianyu Li, Mingyue Zhang, Eunsuk Kang and David Garlan. Engineering Secure Self-Adaptive Systems with Bayesian Games [doi]
  • Jan Haltermann and Heike Wehrheim. CoVEGI: Cooperative Verification via Externally Generated Invariants [doi]
Thursday, April 1

15h20 -



Status Report on Software Testing: Test-Comp 2021 [doi]

  • Test-Comp 2021 Report (Dirk Beyer) [doi]
  • CoVeriTest (Marie-Christine Jakobs) [doi]
  • CMA-ES Fuzz (Gidon Ernst)
  • FuSeBMC (Kaled Alshmrany) [doi]
  • HybridTiger (Marie-Christine Jakobs) [doi]
  • Legion (Dongge) [doi]
  • PRTest (Thomas Lemberger) [doi]
  • Symbiotic (Marek Chalupa) [doi]
  • TestCov (Thomas Lemberger) [doi]
  • TracerX (Rasool Maghareh) [doi]
  • VeriFuzz (Raveendra Kumar)

17h00 -



Open Community Meeting on Software Testing