6–11 April 2024
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

ETAPS 2024
European joint conferences on theory and practice of software

ETAPS 2024 is organized by Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) / University of Luxembourg.

Programme Overview

Sessions of the main conferences from Monday to Thursday.

Monday 08 April

Lars Birkedal: Higher-Order Probabilistic Relational Separation Logic (unifying speaker)

TACAS: Synthesis
FASE: Runtime Approaches

TACAS: Proof Checking
FASE: System Comprehension
Competition of Software Verification (SV-COMP)
Diversity & Inclusion

TACAS: Logic and Decidability
Invited Tutorial
Competition of Software Verification (SV-COMP)

Tuesday 09 April

Sandrine Blazy: From Operational Semantics to Verified Compilation (unifying speaker)

FASE: Fuzzing and NIER
TACAS: Program Analysis and Proofs
FoSSaCS: Infinite games
Industry Day

TACAS: Model Checking
ESOP: Effects and Modal Types
FoSSaCS: Categorical semantics
Industry Day

TACAS: Automata and Learning
Invited Tutorial
Industry Day

Wednesday 10 April

Jérôme Leroux: The Petri Net Reachability Problem (FoSSaCS invited speaker)

TACAS: Software Verification
ESOP: Domain-Specific Languages
FoSSaCS: Automata and Synthesis
Spin: Software Verification

ETAPS General Assembly

TACAS: Probabilistic Systems
ESOP: Bidirectional typing / Session types
FoSSaCS: Types and Programming Languages
Spin: Anniversary Track
Tool demo session

TACAS: Simulations
ESOP: Dependent Types
TACAS: Neural Networks
Spin: Automated Reasoning

Thursday 11 April

Ruzica Piskac (TACAS invited speaker)

TACAS: Testing and Verification
ESOP: Verification and Analysis
FoSSaCS: Logic and Proofs
Spin: Verification Tools

TACAS: Games
ESOP: Verification
FoSSaCS: Infinite-State Systems
Spin: Model Checking
Award Winner Presentations

TACAS: Concurrency
ESOP: Abstract Interpretation
Competition on Software Testing (Test-Comp)

Invited Speakers

From critically acclaimed researchers to the world's most outrageous scientists, ETAPS speakers will leave you speechless.

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Welcome to the primary European forum for academic and industrial researchers working on topics relating to software science. ETAPS, established in 1998, is a confederation of four annual conferences ESOP, FASE, FoSSaCS and TACAS, accompanied by satellite workshops.

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