ETAPS Lifetime Award

Award given to people substantially contributing to the ETAPS conference and community.


Established in 2019, the ETAPS Lifetime Award recognizes members of the ETAPS community who have made significant contributions to the success of ETAPS conferences, as well as other substantial contributions to the ETAPS community.

The award is not presented annually but is awarded on an irregular basis at the discretion of the ETAPS Steering Committee.



In 2024, the ETAPS Lifetime Award was given to Bernhard Steffen.

Bernhard Steffen is one of the founding members of TACAS and ETAPS. He organised the second TACAS workshop in 1996 in Passau. After the success of the first two stand-alone TACAS workshops, he was heavily involved in the founding of ETAPS. In 1998, the first ETAPS took place as a federated conference that included TACAS. It is fair to say, that it has been mainly due to the intense efforts of Bernhard that TACAS, as a just starting workshop on verification and tools, was included as a conference in ETAPS.

Since then, Bernhard had been continuously—and quite actively—involved in ETAPS until a few years ago. He has acted as a TACAS SC chair for more than two decades until 2020. During this long period, TACAS has emerged into the largest of the ETAPS conference in terms of the number of submissions and has become one of the leading conferences in the field. During his leadership of TACAS, Bernhard initiated numerous initiatives, such as e.g., launching the journal Software Tools for Technology Transfer where typically a special issue of TACAS is published. During his chairmanship, also the software verification competition SV-COMP was initiated.

As a TACAS representative, Bernhard has been an active member of the ETAPS SC for numerous years.

All in all, Bernhard Steffen has served ETAPS for more than twenty years and has been instrumental in the success of ETAPS.


In 2019, Don Sannella received the first ETAPS Lifetime Award. Congratulations!