Friday, April 3rd


Invited Lecture

Challenges and opportunities visual programming languages bring to programming language research

Margaret Burnett (Oregon State U, USA)








Experience with literate programming in the modelling and validation of systems, TC.Ruys and E.Brinksma (U Twente, NL)           Local stack allocation, M.Maierhofer and MA.Ertl (TU Vienna, A) A polyvariant binding-time analysis for off-line partial deduction, M.Bruynooghe, M.Leuschel and K.Sagonas (KU Leuven, B) Tiles with symmetries and copying, U.Montanari, R.Bruni (U Pisa, I) and J.Meseguer (SRI, USA)
A proof of Burns n-process mutual exclusion algorithm using abstraction, HE.Jensen (Aalborg U, DK) and N.Lynch (MIT, USA) A new fast algorithm for optimal register allocation in modulo scheduled loops, S.Lelait (TU Vienna, A), GR.Gao (U Delaware, USA) and C.Eisenbeis (INRIA, F) A generic framework for specialization, P.Thiemann (U Tübingen, D) Using reflection to specify transaction sequences in rewriting logic, N.Marti-Oliet and I.Pita (U Complutense Madrid, E)
Automated verification of Szymanski's algorithm, EP.Gribomont and G.Zenner (U Liège, B) A code motion framework for global instruction scheduling, R.Gupta (U Pittsburgh, USA) Synchronisation analysis to stop tupling, Wei-Ngan Chin, Siau-Cheng Khoo and Tat-Wee Lee (National U Singapore, SG) ARTS - A formal Approach to Real-Time Systems, T.Maibaum (PUC-RJ, BR)
Formal verification of SDL systems at the Siemens mobile phone department, F.Regensburger and A.Barnard (Siemens AG, D) VLIW compilation techniques for superscalar architectures, E.Stümpel, M.Thies and U. Kastens (U Paderborn, D) Systematic change of data representation: program manipulations and a case study, WL.Scherlis (CMU, USA) Linking initial algebra semantics and the B-language, U.Wolter (T U Berlin, D)




CC (Demos)



TBA (Invited Lecture)
Alain Lardenois (Siemens Nixdorf Paris, F)

The Net Academy - a new concept for online publishing and knowledge management, S. Handschuh, U.Lechner, D-M.Lincke, B.Schmid, P.Schubert, D.Selz, K.Stanoevska-Slabeva (U St. Gallen, CH)

The Eli system, U.Kastens, P.Pfahler and M.Jung (U Paderborn, D)               

Lrc - a generator for incremental language-oriented tools, M.Kuiper and J.Saraiva (U Utrecht, NL)

An extended static checker for Modula-3, KRM.Leino and G.Nelson (DEC Systems Research Center, USA)

Cool: acontrol-flow generator for system analysis, V.Braun (U Dortmund, D), J.Knoop and D.Koschützki (U Passau, D)  

Reasoning about classes in object-oriented languages: logical models and tools, U.Hensel (TU Dresden, D), M.Huisman, B.Jacobs (U Nijmegen, NL) and H.Tews (TU Dresden, D)

Verifiable and executable logic specifications of concurrent objects in L¼, L.Caires and L.Monteiro, (New U Lisbon, P)

A complete declarative debugger of missing answers, S.Ruggieri, (U Pisa, I)                 

A logical view of processes, F.Gadducci and U.Montanari (U Pisa, I)

A Modal Action Logic for action-based systems, A.Lopes and J.Fiadeiro (U Lisbon, P)

An operational and denotational semantics for event structures based on Rewrite Logic, M.Bettaz, C.Bouanaka, S.Rami and M.Maouche (U Constantine, DZ)

Rasiowa-Sikorski sequence deduction systems: a handy tool for computer science logic, B.Konikowska (Polish Academy of Sciences, PL)

An operation on Abstract Data Types, V.Pascual, L.Lamban and J.Rubio (U La Rioja, E)

Functorial Semantics of Multialgebras, A.Corradini and F.Gadducci (U Pisa, I)








Distributed compression of live video - an application for active networks, R.Hess, D.Geske and S.Kuemmel (U Dresden, D) Issues in translating Smalltalk to Java, RL.Engelbrecht and D.Kourie (U Pretoria, SA) The functional imperative: shape!, CB.Jay and PA.Steckler (U Technology, AUS) A Natural Deduction Calculus for Structured Specifications, M.Wirsing, J.N. Crossley and H. Peterreins (L M U Munich, D)
Incremental scene graph distribution method for distributed virtual environments, K.Kakizaki (Kyoto Institute of Technology, JP) Intermodular slicing of object-oriented programs, C.Steindl (U Linz, A)  Language primitives and type discipline for structured communication-based programming, K.Honda (U Edinburgh, UK), V.Vasconcelos (U Lisbon, P) and M.Kubo (Chiba U of Commerce, JP) Features and inheritance for specifications of static data structures, G.Reggio (U Genova, I)
Value added services in the industrial automation, A.Hergenhan (U Tübingen, D), C.Weiler, K.Weiss (FZI Karlsruhe, D) and W.Rosenstiel (U Tübingen and FZI Karlsruhe, D) Portable debugging and profiling, M.Pettersson (INRIA, F) Mode-automata: about modes and states for reactive systems, F.Maraninchi and Y.Rimond, (VERIMAG, F) Heterogeneous refinements of hierarchical specifications, G.Bernot (U Évry, F)


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