ETAPS 2017: 22-29 April 2017, Uppsala, Sweden

ETAPS 17 Venues

Main Conferences: Uppsala Concert & Congress Hall

In September 2007, the concert and congress hall was opened. Uppsala Konsert & Kongress is located in the centre of the Uppsala town. This magnificent building stands 8 floors high, and 37 metres tall (121 ft). It consists of 14,600 sq metres (157,153 sq ft) of function space.

The building is a first class establishment and offers a spectacular view of the city. Some of the landmarks of the city of Uppsala that can be viewed from the building is the Cathedral and the Castle.

The very unusual and expressive architectural structure of the concert and congress hall, as well as the capacity of its function space, will offer visitors a landmark to admire and an unusual and unique place to hold their events.

The world famous Danish architect firm Henning Larsen Tegnestue created Uppsala Konsert & Kongress.

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Conference Banquet: Uppsala Castle

Gustav Vasa began construction of Uppsala Slott in 1549, and the castle was the location of a major event of Swedish history known as the "Riksmöte". Gustav Vasa started his politically vital tour ("Eriksgata") of the realm of Sweden from Uppsala Slott, and the castle was destined to play a major role for many years in the history of Sweden and of Uppsala.

Important events that have taken place at the castle include "Sturemorden" in 1567 (the murder by the mentally ill King Erik XIV of several noblemen accused of treason), and the decision by Gustav II Adolf that Sweden should participate in what would later develop into the Thirty Years' War. It was in the Rikssal in the castle that Schering Rosenhane announced the abdication of Queen Kristina on 6 June, 1654.

The castle was seriously damaged by fire in 1702, being reduced essentially to a ruin. Reconstruction took many years, and was indeed hampered by the remains of the castle being used as a quarry for stone to be used in building Stockholm Palace.

The castle was the administrative centre of Uppland for many years, and is today the residence of the County Governor of Uppsala County.

Rikssalen, the former Hall of State, whose uses have included that of drying closet for the governor's wife, was restored in 1932 and is now Uppsala's most glittering festive location.

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Satellite Events: Campus Blåsenhus

Blåsenhus, one of the newest campuses within Uppsala University is located in the area with the very same name. You can find Blåsenhus opposite the Uppsala castle. The Blåsenhus area has a historical past that goes back 350 years. All workshops at ETAPS 2017 will be located at Blåsenhus.

Friday 20th April 2007 at 2pm the work began to build Blåsenhus, a campus as big as 25 000 m². You can meet future teachers, human resources specialists, behavioural scientists and psychologists if you visit Blåsenhus. Some training and education for the universities own staff is also taking place here in Blåsenhus. The official opening was on Thursday 11th march 2010.

Blåsenhus is light, airy and with many areas for the students to study. There are also possibilities to study outside with the wireless network being accessible outside

The building Blåsenhus was assigned “UNTs stadsmiljöpris 2011”

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