COOP 2023
Sun, 23 April
4th Workshop on Cooperative Software Verification
Organized by: Dirk Beyer, Heike Wehrheim
CREST 2023
Sun, 23 April
6th Workshop on Formal Reasoning about Causation, Responsibility, & Explanations in Science & Technology
Organized by: Georgiana Caltais, Ebru Aydin Gol
Sun, 23 April
10th Workshop on Horn Clauses for Verification and Synthesis
Organized by: Fabio Fioravanti
LiVe 2023
Sat, 22 April
7th Workshop on Learning in Verification
Organized by: Jan Křetínský
EMW 2023
Sun, 23 April
ETAPS Mentoring Workshop
Organized by: Wolfgang Ahrendt, Stephan Merz, Caterina Urban
Sat, 22 April
14th International Workshop on Programming Language Approaches to Concurrency and Communication-cEntric Software
Organized by: Ilaria Castellani, Alceste Scalas
RRRR 2023
Sat, 22 April
2nd Workshop on Reproducibility and Replication of Research Results
Organized by: Dirk Beyer, Arnd Hartmanns
RW 2023
Sun, 23 April
3rd Rust Verification Workshop
Organized by: Rajeev Joshi, Nicholas Matsakis, Peter Müller
SynCoP 2023
Sat, 22 April —Sun, 23 April
8th International Workshop on Synthesis of Complex Parameters
Organized by: Engel Lefaucheux, Didier Lime
TADM 2023
Sat, 22 April
2nd International Workshop on Trusted Automated Decision-Making
Organized by: Ramesh Bharadwaj, Ilya Parker
Sun, 23 April
1st Workshop on Trends in Configurable Systems Analysis
Organized by: Maurice ter Beek, Clemens Dubslaff
Sat, 22 April
TLA+ Community Meeting
Organized by: Stephan Merz, Igor Konnov, Markus Kuppe
VerifyThis 2023
Sat, 22 April —Sun, 23 April
VerifyThis Verification Competition
Organized by: Marieke Huisman, Rosemary Monahan, Peter Müller, Mattias Ulbrich, Stephen Siegel, Xavier Denis
Sun, 23 April
Workshop on the Model Checking Contest
Organized by: Fabrice Kordon, Hubet Garavel, Pierre Bouvier, Emmanuel Paviot-Adet, Loig Jezequel, Francis Hulin-Hubard