FoSSaCS 2014 accepted papers

Guillaume Munch-Maccagnoni. Models of a Non-Associative Composition

Luca Padovani. Type Reconstruction for the Linear π-Calculus with Composite and Equi-Recursive Types

Takeshi Tsukada and Naoki Kobayashi. Complexity of Model-Checking Call-by-Value Programs

Matteo Mio. Upper-Expectation Bisimilarity and Łukasiewicz mu-Calculus

Javier Esparza and Jörg Desel. On Negotiation as Concurrency Primitive II: Deterministic Cyclic Negotiations

Jurriaan Rot and Marcello Bonsangue. Combining Bialgebraic Semantics and Equations

Martin Lang. Resource Reachability Games on Pushdown Graphs

Shaull Almagor and Orna Kupferman. Latticed-LTL Synthesis in the Presence of Noisy Inputs

Alberto Carraro and Giulio Guerrieri. A semantical and operational account of call-by-value solvability

Till Mossakowski and Andrzej Tarlecki. A relatively complete calculus for structured heterogeneous specifications

Guy Avni, Orna Kupferman and Tami Tamir. Network-Formation Games with Regular Objectives

Krishnendu Chatterjee, Laurent Doyen, Hugo Gimbert and Youssouf Oualhadj. Perfect-Information Stochastic Mean-Payoff Parity Games

Nathalie Bertrand, Eric Fabre, Stefan Haar, Serge Haddad and Loic Helouet. Active diagnosis for probabilistic systems

Remi Bonnet, Stefan Kiefer and Anthony Widjaja Lin. Analysis of Probabilistic Basic Parallel Processes

Naoki Kobayashi, Kazuhiro Inaba and Takeshi Tsukada. Unsafe Order-2 Tree Languages are Context-Sensitive

Vasileios Koutavas, Carlo Spaccasassi and Matthew Hennessy. Bisimulations for Communicating Transactions (Extended Abstract)

Hongfei Fu. Maximal Cost-Bounded Reachability Probability on Continuous-Time Markov Decision Processes

Filippo Bonchi, Pawel Sobocinski and Fabio Zanasi. Interacting Bialgebras are Frobenius

Serdar Erbatur, Deepak Kapur, Andrew M. Marshall, Catherine Meadows, Paliath Narendran and Christophe Ringeissen. On Asymmetric Unification and the Combination Problem in Disjoint Theories

Robert Myers, Jiri Adamek, Stefan Milius and Henning Urbat. Generalized Eilenberg Theorem I: Local Varieties of Languages

Pedro R. D'Argenio, Daniel Gebler and Matias David Lee. Axiomatizing Bisimulation Equivalences and Metrics from Probabilistic SOS Rules

Nathalie Bertrand, Paulin Fournier and Arnaud Sangnier. Playing with probabilities in Reconfigurable Broadcast Networks

Krishnendu Chatterjee, Laurent Doyen, Sumit Nain and Moshe Y. Vardi. The Complexity of Partial-observation Stochastic Parity Games With Finite-memory Strategies

Laurent Doyen, Thierry Massart and Mahsa Shirmohammadi. Limit Synchronization in Markov Decision Processes

Andrzej Murawski and Nikos Tzevelekos. Game semantics for nominal exceptions

Corina Cirstea. A Coalgebraic Approach to Linear-Time Logics

James Ferlez, Rance Cleaveland and Steve Marcus. Generalized Synchronization Trees

Timos Antonopoulos, Nikos Gorogiannis, Christoph Haase, Max Kanovich and Joel Ouaknine. Foundations for Decision Problems in Separation Logic with General Inductive Predicates

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