FASE 2014 accepted papers

Alcino Cunha, Nuno Macedo and Tiago Guimarães. Target oriented relational model finding

Perdita Stevens. Bidirectionally tolerating inconsistency: partial transformations

Daniel Strueber, Julia Rubin, Gabriele Taentzer and Marsha Chechik. Splitting Models Using Information Retrieval and Model Crawling Techniques

Uli Fahrenberg, Mathieu Acher, Axel Legay and Andrzej Wasowski. Sound Merging and Differencing for Class Diagrams

José Luiz Fiadeiro and Antónia Lopes. Heterogeneous and Asynchronous Networks of Timed Systems

Matthias Kowal, Ina Schaefer and Mirco Tribastone. Family-Based Performance Analysis of Variant-Rich Software Systems

Pietro Ferrara, Daniel Schweizer and Lucas Brutschy. TouchCost: Cost Analysis of TouchDevelop Scripts

Rashmi Mudduluru and Murali Krishna Ramanathan. Efficient Incremental Static Analysis Using Path Abstraction

Wei Huang, Yao Dong and Ana Milanova. Type-based Taint Analysis of Java Web Applications

Alireza Sadeghi, Naeem Esfahani and Sam Malek. Mining the Categorized Software Repositories to Improve the Analysis of Security Vulnerabilities

Dimitri Van Landuyt and Wouter Joosen. Modularizing Early Architectural Assumptions in Scenario-based Requirements

Barak Cohen and Shahar Maoz. Semantically Configurable Analysis of Scenario-Based Specifications

Paolo Masci, Yi Zhang, Paul Jones, Paul Curzon and Harold Thimbleby. Software verification for medical device user interfaces in PVS

Pedro Gomes, Attilio Picoco and Dilian Gurov. Sound Control Flow Graph Extraction from Incomplete Java Bytecode Programs

Marina Zaharieva-Stojanovski and Marieke Huisman. Verifying Class Invariants in Concurrent Programs

Yu Pei, Carlo Furia, Martin Nordio and Bertrand Meyer. Automatic Program Repair by Fixing Contracts

Shahram Esmaeilsabzali, Rupak Majumdar, Thomas Wies and Damien Zufferey. Dynamic Package Interfaces

Marcello Maria Bersani, Domenico Bianculli, Carlo Ghezzi, Srdjan Krstic and Pierluigi San Pietro. SMT-based Checking of SOLOIST over Sparse Traces

Luc Moreau, Trung D. Huynh and Danius Michaelides. An Online Validator for Provenance: Algorithmic Design, Testing, and API

Meriem Ouederni, Gwen Salaun, Javier Camara and Ernesto Pimentel. Comparator: A Tool for Quantifying Behavioural Compatibility

Dominique Duval, Rachid Echahed, Frederic Prost and Leila Ribeiro. Transformation of Attributed Structures with Cloning

Christian Krause, Matthias Tichy and Holger Giese. Implementing Graph Transformations in the Bulk Synchronous Parallel Model

Anthony Anjorin, Karsten Saller, Malte Lochau and Andy Schürr. Modularizing Triple Graph Grammars using Rule Refinement

Michael Löwe, Harald König and Christoph Schulz. Polymorphic Single-Pushout Graph Transformation

Elena Giachino, Ivan Lanese and Claudio Antares Mezzina. Causal-consistent Reversible Debugging

Josef Svenningsson, Hans Svensson, Nicholas Smallbone, Thomas Arts, Ulf Norell and John Hughes. An Expressive Semantics of Mocking

Maximiliano Cristia, Joaquin Mesuro and Claudia Frydman. Integration Testing in the Test Template Framework

Ana Cavalcanti and Marie-Claude Gaudel. Data Flow coverage for Circus-based testing

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