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Bringing Formal Methods to the "Average Programmer"

by Benjamin Kaminski — 5 April 2024

Interview with David Monniaux on machine learning and software synthesis and verification.


Separation Logic And Beyond

by Georgiana Caltais — 20 March 2024

Interview with Lars Birkedal about his research in program verification.


ETAPS 2024 in Luxembourg City

by Isana Nascimento — 21 February 2024

Learn about this-year's ETAPS venue!


On Mechanized Semantics for Verified Compilation

by Eduard Kamburjan — 19 January 2024

Interview with Sandrine Blazy on verified compilation.


Software For The Environmental Sciences

by Eduard Kamburjan — 21 December 2023

Interview with Gordon Shaw Blair about relation of computer and environmental sciences.


ETAPS Industry Day

by Andrzej Wąsowski and Nikolai Kosmatov — 20 December 2023

The first ETAPS Industry day takes place in 2024!


On Research with Joost-Pieter Katoen

by Benjamin Kaminski — 20 November 2023

Interview with Joost-Pieter Katoen, a former president of ETAPS, on his research.


On The Relationship of AI And Programs

by Eduard Kamburjan — 20 October 2023

Interview with André Platzer, Alexander von Humboldt Professor for Logic of Autonomous Dynamical Systems at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.


Interview with Orna Kupferman

by Georgiana Caltais — 19 September 2023

Interview with Orna Kupferman about her career.


Reproduce, Recombine, Retain

by Eduard Kamburjan — 21 August 2023

Interview with Dirk Beyer, the winner of the ETAPS Test Of Time Award 2023.

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