As conference, ETAPS strongly believes in in-person meetings between researchers. However, we are also sensitive to the cost conferences generate to our environment. To address this, ETAPS organizers work in several directions.

Public Transport

We encourage participants to use public transport and discourage the use of cars and taxis. In the past, the registration for ETAPS (for example, in 2022) included a public transport ticket for the duration of conference covering the conference venue and the town. A discount registration has been available since 2023 for participants who travel to the conference by train. At each ETAPS edition, we attempt to continue supporting such environment-aware steps.

Compensation of CO₂ Emissions

Since the travel to the conference by aeroplane can not be avoided by many attendees, ETAPS 2022 compensated this travel by donating a gas-emission offset for 391.3t CO₂ (9000 EUR) to Atmosfair, a German non-profit organization that actively contributes to CO₂ mitigation by promoting, developing and financing renewable energies in over 15 countries worldwide.

Extended Stay Support Scheme

ETAPS enlists local institutions to host researchers coming to the conference from far away. This is in order to increase the value of a single long haul journey, aiming at enhancing scientific collaborations and diminishing the carbon footprint of scientific research activities.

This support scheme is primarily intended for participants traveling long distances and must be combined with an attendance to ETAPS. Upon acceptation, research institutes involved in this mechanism usually cover standard expenses (accommodation and traveling fees, plane excluded) and provide material support for research activities. As an example, the ETAPS 2023 list of institutions participating in the program is available here.


We minimize the number of physical objects handed out to participants. Proceedings are available open access online (no printout, no electronic media). No conference gifts are given, but useful objects (like notepads) are available on demand in small quantities only for those participants who need them.

No-Waste Catering

We are using sustainable catering contracts (lunches served on reusable dishes, freshly prepared meals) and carefully estimate the amount of food needed for each meal. For example, ETAPS 2023 teamed up with a local charity transferring unused food to those in need. We also strive to provide a sufficient amount of vegetarian and vegan meal for the conference attendees.