ETAPS 2019 Best Papers

EATCS best paper award

Jérémy Dubut
Trees in partial higher dimensional automata. FoSSaCS 2019 [doi link]

EASST best paper award

Søren Enevoldsen, Kim G. Larsen, Jiří Srba
Abstract dependency graphs and their application to model checking. TACAS 2019 [doi link]

EAPLS best paper award

Dylan McDermott, Alan Mycroft
Extended call-by-push-value: reasoning about effectful programs and evaluation order. ESOP 2019 [doi link]

Best paper award nominees

Martin Brain, Florian Schanda, Youcheng Sun
Building better bit-blasting for floating-point problems. TACAS 2019 [doi link]

Andrea Corradini, Tobias Heindel, Barbara König, Dennis Nolte,Arend Rensink
Rewriting abstract structures: materialization explained categorically. FoSSaCS 2019 [doi link]

Mnacho Echenim, Radu Iosif, Nicolas Peltier
The Bernays-Schoenfinkel-Ramsey class of separation logic on arbitrary domains. FoSSaCS 2019 [doi link]

Lars Fritsche, Jens Kosiol, Andy Schürr, Gabriele Taentzer
Efficient model synchronization by automatically constructed repair processes. FASE 2019 [doi link]

Rolf Hennicker, Alexandre Madeira, Alexander Knapp
A hybrid dynamic logic for event/data-based systems. FASE 2019 [doi link]

Marijn Heule, Benjamin Kiesl, Armin Biere
Encoding redundancy for satisfaction-driven clause learning. TACAS 2019 [doi link]

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