POST 2016 programme

All rooms are located in the Auditorium (building n.1). CZ 8 ("Collegezaal 8") is on the ground floor, the Blauwe Zaal is on the first level.

Monday, April 4th
10h30 - 12h30 POST / Room: CZ 8
Information Flow (Chair: Riccardo Focardi)
  • Thomas Schmitz, Dustin Rhodes, Cormac Flanagan, Thomas Austin and Kenneth Knowles. Faceted Information Flow in Haskell via Control and Data Monads
  • Iulia Bolosteanu and Deepak Garg. Asymmetric Secure Multi-execution with Declassification
  • Nataliia Bielova and Tamara Rezk. A Taxonomy of Information Flow Monitors
  • Joachim Breitner, Juergen Graf, Martin Hecker, Martin Mohr and Gregor Snelting. On Improvements Of Low-Deterministic Security
  • [Tool demo] Juergen Graf, Martin Hecker, Martin Mohr and Gregor Snelting. Tool Demonstration: JOANA
14h00 - 16h00 POST / Room: CZ 8
Models and Applications (Chair: Deepak Garg)
  • Quoc Huy Do, Nathan Wasser and Eduard Kamburjan. Towards Fully Automatic Logic-Based Information Flow Analysis: An Electronic-Voting Case Study
  • Kevin Falzon and Eric Bodden. Towards a Comprehensive Model of Isolation for Mitigating Illicit Channels
  • Sepehr Amir-Mohammadian, Stephen Chong and Christian Skalka. Correct Audit Logging: Theory and Practice
  • Holger Hermanns, Julia Krämer, Jan Krcal and Marielle Stoelinga. The Value of Attack-Defence Diagrams
Tuesday, April 5th
09h00 - 10h00

Room: Blauwe Zaal (Chair: Luca Viganò)
POST Invited Speaker
Vitaly Shmatikov (Cornell Tech, USA)

Machine Learning and Privacy: Friends or Foes?

10h30 - 12h30 POST / Room: CZ 8
Protocols (Chair: Tamara Rezk)
  • Matthew Bauer, Rohit Chadha and Mahesh Viswanathan. Composing protocols with randomized actions
  • Veronique Cortier, Antoine Dallon and Stephanie Delaune. Bounding the number of agents, for equivalence too (EASST and EATCS award nominee)
  • Sebastian A. Mödersheim and Alessandro Bruni. AIF-omega: Set-Based Protocol Abstraction with Countable Families
  • Jian Xiong Shao, Yu Qin and Dengguo Feng. Computational Soundness Results for Stateful Applied pi Calculus (EAPLS award nominee)

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