FoSSaCS 2016 accepted papers

Neil Ghani, Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg and Alex Simpson. Comprehensive parametric polymorphism: categorical models and type theory
Clément Aubert, Marc Bagnol and Thomas Seiller. Unary Resolution: Characterizing Ptime
Jose Meseguer. Order-Sorted Rewriting and Congruence Closure
Nathanael Fijalkow, Stefan Kiefer and Mahsa Shirmohammadi. Trace Refinement in Labelled Markov Decision Processes
Michele Pagani, Christine Tasson and Lionel Vaux. Strong Normalizability as a Finiteness Structure via the Taylor Expansion of lambda-terms
Romain Brenguier. Robust Equilibria in Mean-Payoff Games
Delia Kesner. Reasoning about call-by-need by means of types
Aleš Bizjak, Ranald Clouston, Hans Bugge Grathwohl, Lars Birkedal and Rasmus Ejlers Møgelberg. Guarded Dependent Type Theory with Coinductive Types
Tho Pierron, Thomas Place and Marc Zeitoun. Quantifier Alternation for Infinite Words
Silvio Ghilardi, Maria João Gouveia and Luigi Santocanale. Fixed-point elimination in the Intuitionistic Propositional Calculus
Parosh Aziz Abdulla, Radu Ciobanu, Richard Mayr, Arnaud Sangnier and Jeremy Sproston. Qualitative Analysis of VASS-Induced MDPs
Paul Gastin and Marie Fortin. Verification of parameterized communicating automata via split-width
Soichiro Fujii, Shin-ya Katsumata and Paul-André Melliès. Towards a formal theory of graded monads
Ranko Lazic and Andrzej Murawski. Contextual approximation and higher-order procedures
Holger Bock Axelsen and Robin Kaarsgaard. Join Inverse Categories as Models of Reversible Recursion
Kaustuv Chaudhuri, Sonia Marin and Lutz Straßburger. Focused and Synthetic Nested Sequents
Piotr Hofman, Sławomir Lasota, Ranko Lazic, Jerõme Leroux, Sylvain Schmitz and Patrick Totzke. Coverability Trees for Petri Nets with Unordered Data
Liang-Ting Chen, Jiri Adámek, Stefan Milius and Henning Urbat. Profinite Monads, Profinite Equations and Reiterman's Theorem
Holger Hermanns, Jan Krcal and Steen Vester. Distributed Synthesis in Continuous Time
Normann Decker and Daniel Thoma. On Freeze LTL with Ordered Attributes
James Laird. Game Semantics for Bounded Polymorphism
Dmitry Chistikov, Wojciech Czerwiński, Piotr Hofman, Michał Pilipczuk and Michael Wehar. Shortest paths in one-counter systems
Adrian Francalanza. A Theory of Monitors (Extended Abstract)
Danel Ahman, Neil Ghani and Gordon Plotkin. Dependent Types and Fibred Computational Effects
Peter Habermehl and Antoine Durand-Gasselin. Regular transformations of data words through origin information
Venanzio Capretta and Tarmo Uustalu. A Coalgebraic View of Bar Recursion and Bar Induction
Klaus Dräger. The Invariance Problem for Matrix Semigroups
Stefan Milius, Dirk Pattinson and Thorsten Wißmann. A New Foundation for Finitary Corecursion
Torben Amtoft and Anindya Banerjee. A Theory of Slicing for Probabilistic Control Flow Graphs
Madnani Khushraj, Krishna S. and Paritosh Pandya. Metric Temporal Logic with Counting
Dmitry Chistikov, Pavel Martyugin and Mahsa Shirmohammadi. Synchronizing automata over nested words

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