FASE 2011

Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering

FASE is concerned with the foundations on which Software Engineering is built. Submissions should focus on novel techniques and the way in which they contribute to making Software Enginering a more mature and soundly-based discipline. Contributions that combine the development of conceptual and methodological advances with their formal foundations and tool support are particularly encouraged. We welcome contributions on all such fundamental approaches, including:

  • Software Engineering as an engineering discipline, including its interaction with and impact on society;
  • Requirements engineering: capture, consistency, and change management of software requirements;
  • Software architectures: description and analysis of the architecture of individual systems or classes of applications;
  • Specification, design, and implementation of particular classes of systems: adaptive, collaborative, embedded, distributed, mobile, pervasive, or service-oriented applications;
  • Software quality: validation and verification of software using theorem proving, model-checking, testing, analysis, refinement methods, metrics or visualisation techniques;
  • Model-driven development and model-transformation: design and semantics of semi-formal visual languages, consistency and transformation of models;
  • Software processes: support for iterative, agile, and open source development;
  • Software evolution: refactoring, reverse and re-engineering, configuration management and
  • architectural change, or aspect-orientation.


Conference Website: http://www.lsi.upc.edu/~orejas/FASE.html

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