CC 2013 accepted papers

You can find information about LNCS proceedings (LNCS 7791) at or access the online version at

Philipp Klaus Krause: Optimal Register Allocation in Polynomial Time

Stefan Kempf, Ronald Veldema and Michael Philippsen: Compiler-Guided Identification of Critical Sections in Parallel Code

Matthias Braun, Sebastian Buchwald, Sebastian Hack, Roland Leißa, Christoph Mallon and Andreas Zwinkau: Simple and Efficient Construction of Static Single Assignment Form

Rosario Cammarota: Determination of inlining vectors for program optimization

Gergö Barany and Andreas Krall: Optimal and Heuristic Global Code Motion for Minimal Spilling

Ryan Moore and Bruce Childers: Automatic Generation of Program Affinity Policies Using Machine Learning

Somashekaracharya G. Bhaskaracharya and Uday Bondhugula: PolyGLoT: A Polyhedral Loop Transformation Framework for a Graphical Dataflow Language

Eberhard Bertsch, Mark-Jan Nederhof and Sylvain Schmitz: On LR Parsing with Selective Delays

Ryan Whelan, Tim Leek and David Kaeli: Architecture-Independent Dynamic Information Flow Tracking

George Kastrinis and Yannis Smaragdakis: Efficient and Effective Handling of Exceptions in Java Points-To Analysis

Soroush Radpour, Laurie Hendren and Max Schaefer: Refactoring MATLAB

Yi Lu, Lei Shang, Xinwei Xie and Jingling Xue: An Incremental Points-to Analysis with CFL-Reachability

Holger Siegel and Axel Simon: FESA: Fold- and Expand-based Shape Analysis

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