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Tallinn, a city of 412,000 people, is the capital and largest city of Estonia, a small EU member country in Northern Europe, bordering Russia to the East and Latvia to the south. Located in the north of the country, on the southern shores of the Gulf of Finland, opposite Helsinki in Finland, Tallinn is most well known for its picturesque medieval Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site. But it also has a vivid cultural scene, outperforming most European centres of similar size. In 2011, Tallinn, along with Turku in Finland, was the Cultural Capital of Europe (Tallinn 2011, Turku 2011).

Tallinn is easy to travel to. Estonia is part of Schengen and the Eurozone. The Lennart Meri International Airport of Tallinn (TLL) is only 4 kms from the city centre.

For tourist information on Estonia in the Web, check the web pages of the Estonian Tourist Board. For tourist information specifically on Tallinn, check the web pages of the Tallinn Tourist Board. InYourPocket.Com's unofficial Estonia and Tallinn pages make an even more useful reading.

Check this promotion video of Tallinn as a conference venue from the Estonian Convention Bureau.

To see Tallinn's Old Town in summer from many angles, check these navigable 360 degree panoramas.

For in-depth background info on Estonia, we recommend the Estonian Institute's (an online encyclopedia).

The Tallinn Tourist Information Center has two offices. One is located at Niguliste 2/Kullasepa 4 in the middle of the Old Town. March opening hours: Mon-Fri 9-17, Sat, Sun 10-15, Sun closed. The other is in Viru Center, open 9-21 daily.

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