Audio-Visual equipment for presentations

Computing resources at ETAPS

Audio-Visual Equipment for Presentations

Beamers and overhead projectors will be available in all rooms used for ETAPS conferences and workshops. Blackboards are available in most rooms; in the rest, use an overhead projector with a blank slide.

Internet-connected computers running Windows XP that are able to cope with various media and formats will be available for use with the beamers for all of the main ETAPS conferences and the following satellite events: LDTA, CMSB, TGC, AVIS, FESCA. Or you can use your own laptop.

Media: CD-ROM, USB-Stick, Floppy Disk

Formats: PDF, Powerpoint*

* Users of Powerpoint are probably already aware that some fonts and characters can make presentations non-portable. You are recommended to bring a PDF version too, just in case.

Computing Resources at ETAPS

Wireless and wired internet access for laptops will be available to delegates at ETAPS, and access to desktop machines will be provided for those who come without laptops.

Wireless network access for laptops

Most of the areas used by ETAPS are covered by the University of Edinburgh's wireless network. Use of this network requires a userid and password that you can obtain from the registration desk; we will need to take a note of your name and you will need to sign that you agree to the University of Edinburgh's
computing regulations. The signal strength is good in the JCMB Cafe on JCMB level 3 (room 3313) and in the Appleton Tower concourse and mezzanine areas and room 5.08, as well as in many other places.

Instructions for use of the wireless network are here and here (ignore step 2, "Register for the service").

Wired network access for laptops

This will be available 0830-1900 on each day of ETAPS. In JCMB, go to room 1028. In Appleton Tower, go to room 5.01.

The ETAPS subnet will provide a dynamic DHCP service, with web and outgoing ssh access. Internal traffic on the conference subnet will not be restricted in any way; there will be no internal firewall controlling traffic between the wired conference ports.

Desktop machines

Computers running a local variant of Redhat Linux with internet browser and outgoing ssh will be available 0830-1900 on each day of ETAPS. In JCMB, go to room 1028. In Appleton Tower, go to room 5.08.