FASE 2000 - Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering

To achieve the status of a proper engineering discipline, Software Engineering requires engineering design and analysis METHODS which are firmly grounded on scientifically sound concepts as well as well founded software tools and analyses based on sound engineering principles. Fundamental approaches are sought, integrating formal approaches with principled methods, providing the bridge between theory and practice and aimed at producing engineering methods and tools for the various phases of software development. FASE is intended to provide a forum where fundamental approaches to Software Engineering are presented, compared and discussed. Contributions should focus on the problems and methods of Software engineering; papers are especially welcome on the following topics:

Program committee


Tom Maibaum
Professor of the Foundations of Software Engineering
Department of Computer Science
King's College London
London WC2R 2LS

tel: +44 171 8482895 (departmental secretary +44 171 8482588)
fax: +44 171 8485072/2851
email: tom@dcs.kcl.ac.uk or concerning the confercence

Further Information: http://iks.cs.tu-berlin.de/fase2000/

Invited Speaker

Wladyslaw M. Turski, University of Warsaw