FASE 2021 Accepted Papers

Aleksandar S. Dimovski, Sven Apel and Axel Legay.A Decision Tree Lifted Domain for Analyzing Program Families with Numerical Features
Christian Lidström and Dilian Gurov.An Abstract Contract Theory for Programs with Procedures
Yixiong Chen, Yang Yang, Zhanyao Lei, Mingyuan Xia and Zhengwei Qi.Bootstrapping Automated Testing for RESTful Web Services
Elvira Albert, Reiner Hähnle, Alicia Merayo and Dominic Steinhöfel.Certified Abstract Cost Analysis
Maria Maximova, Sven Schneider and Holger Giese.Compositional Analysis of Probabilistic Timed Graph Transformation Systems
Jan Haltermann and Heike Wehrheim.CoVEGI: Cooperative Verification via Externally Generated Invariants
Jyoti Prakash, Abhishek Tiwari and Christian Hammer.Effects of Program Representation on Pointer Analyses — An Empirical Study
Pablo Ponzio, Ariel Godio, Nicolas Rosner, Marcelo Arroyo, Nazareno Aguirre and Marcelo Frias.Efficient Bounded Model Checking of Heap-Manipulating Programs using Tight Field Bounds
Nianyu Li, Mingyue Zhang, Eunsuk Kang and David Garlan.Engineering Secure Self-Adaptive Systems with Bayesian Games
Joshua Gleitze, Heiko Klare and Erik Burger.Finding a Universal Execution Strategy for Model Transformation Networks
Luca Aceto, Duncan Attard, Adrian Francalanza and Anna Ingolfsdottir.On Benchmarking for Concurrent Runtime Verification
Rupak Majumdar, Aman Mathur, Marcus Pirron, Laura Stegner and Damien Zufferey.Paracosm: A Test Framework for Autonomous Driving Simulations
Yong-Jun Shin, Eunho Cho and Doo-Hwan Bae.PASTA: An Efficient Proactive Adaptation Approach Based on Statistical Model Checking for Self-Adaptive Systems
Richard Schumi and Jun Sun.SpecTest: Specification-Based Compiler Testing
Lucas Sakizloglou, Matthias Barkowsky and Holger Giese.The Quest for Efficiently Handling the History of Runtime Models
Ziyuan Zhong, Yuchi Tian and Baishakhi Ray.Understanding Local Robustness of Deep Neural Networks under Natural Variations

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