ESOP 2021 Accepted Papers

Oren Ish Shalom, Shachar Itzhaky, Noam Rinetzky and Sharon Shoham. Run-time Complexity Bounds Using Squeezers
Patrick Baillot and Alexis Ghyselen. Types for Complexity of Parallel Computation in Pi-Calculus
Colin Riba and Guilhem Jaber. Temporal Refinements for Guarded Recursive Types
Sidi Mohamed Beillahi, Ahmed Bouajjani and Constantin Enea. Checking Robustness Between Weak Transactional Consistency Models
Harrison Goldstein, John Hughes, Leonidas Lampropoulos and Benjamin C. Pierce. Do Judge a Test by its Cover: Combining Combinatorial and Property-Based Testing
Benjamin Moon, Harley Eades III and Dominic Orchard. Graded Modal Dependent Type Theory
Matthijs Vákár. Reverse AD at Higher Types: Pure, Principled and Denotationally Correct
Marcel Moosbrugger, Ezio Bartocci, Joost-Pieter Katoen and Laura Kovács. Automated Termination Analysis of Polynomial Probabilistic Programs
Lennart Beringer. Verified Software Units
Gian Pietro Farina, Stephen Chong and Marco Gaboardi. Coupled Relational Symbolic Execution for Differential Privacy
Alex Keizer, Henning Basold and Jorge A. Pérez. Session Coalgebras: A Coalgebraic View on Session Types and Communication Protocols
Hugo Paquet. Bayesian strategies: probabilistic programs as generalised graphical models
Marco Gaboardi, Shin-Ya Katsumata, Dominic Orchard and Tetsuya Sato. Graded Hoare Logic and its Categorical Semantics
Carol Mak, Luke Ong, Hugo Paquet and Dominik Wagner. Densities of almost-surely terminating probabilistic programs are differentiable almost everywhere
Guilhem Jaber and Andrzej Murawski. Complete trace models of state and control
Maximilian Paul Louis Haslbeck and Peter Lammich. For a Few Dollars More -- Verified Fine-Grained Algorithm Analysis Down to LLVM
Florian Zuleger and Jens Pagel. Strong-Separation Logic
Daniel Lundén, Johannes Borgström and David Broman. Correctness of Sequential Monte Carlo Inference for Probabilistic Programming Languages
Shu-Hung You, Robert Bruce Findler and Christos Dimoulas. Sound and Complete Concolic Testing for Higher-Order Functions
Christophe Chareton, Sébastien Bardin, François Bobot, Valentin Perrelle and Benoit Valiron. An Automated Deductive Verication Framework for Circuit-building Quantum Programs
Parosh Aziz Abdulla, Mohamed Faouzi Atig, Adwait Godbole, Krishna S and Viktor Vafeiadis. The Decidability of Verification under PS 2.0
Wilmer Ricciotti and James Cheney. Query Lifting
Snigdha Athaiya, Raghavan Komondoor and K Narayan Kumar. Data Flow Analysis of Asynchronous Systems using Infinite Abstract Domains

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