FASE 2020 Accepted Papers

  • Guolong Zheng, Hamid Bagheri, Gregg Rothermel and Jianghao Wang. Platinum: Reusing Constraint Solutions in Bounded Analysis of Relational Logic
  • Claudio Menghi, Alessandro Maria Rizzi and Anna Bernasconi. Integrating model checking and topological proofs to instrument iterative design
  • Jiao Jiao, Shang-Wei Lin and Jun Sun. A General Formal Semantic Framework for Smart Contracts
  • Raffi Khatchadourian, Yiming Tang, Mehdi Bagherzadeh and Baishakhi Ray. An Empirical Study on the Use and Misuse of Java 8 Streams
  • Themistoklis Diamantopoulos, Nikolaos Oikonomou and Andreas Symeonidis. Extracting Semantics from Question-Answering Services for Snippet Reuse
  • Lars Tveito, Einar Broch Johnsen and Rudolf Schlatte. Global Reproducibility through Local Control for Distributed Active Objects
  • Juan De Lara and Esther Guerra. Multi-level Model Product Lines: Open and closed variability for modelling language families
  • Aleksandar S. Dimovski and Axel Legay. Computing Program Reliability using Forward-Backward Precondition Analysis and Model Counting
  • Alexander Knüppel, Inga Jatzkowski, Marcus Nolte, Thomas Thüm, Tobias Runge and Ina Schaefer. Skill-Based Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Nebras Nassar, Jens Kosiol, Timo Kehrer and Gabriele Taentzer. Generating Large EMF Models Efficiently: A Rule-Based, Configurable Approach
  • Maurice H. ter Beek, Sjef van Loo, Erik de Vink and Tim Willemse. Family-Based SPL Model Checking Using Parity Games with Variability
  • Francisco Javier Perez Blanco, Juan Manuel Vara, Cristian Gómez Macías, María Valeria De Castro and Esperanza Marcos. Model-based tool support for Service Design
  • Fernando Orejas, Elvira Pino and Marisa Navarro Incremental Concurrent Model Synchronization using Triple Graph Grammars
  • Maxime Cordy, Mike Papadakis and Axel Legay. Statistical Model Checking for Variability-Intensive Systems
  • Nils Weidmann and Anthony Anjorin. Schema Compliant Consistency Management via Triple Graph Grammars and Integer Linear Programming
  • Patrick Stünkel, Harald König, Yngve Lamo and Adrian Rutle. Towards Multiple Model Synchronization with Comprehensive Systems
  • Radu Calinescu, Vittorio Cortellessa, Ioannis Stefanakos and Catia Trubiani. Analysis and Refactoring of Software Systems Using Performance Antipattern Profiles
  • Hugo A. López, Søren Debois, Tijs Slaats and Thomas Hildebrandt. Business Process Compliance using Reference Models of Law
  • Carlos Pinzón, Camilo Rocha and Jorge Finke. Algorithmic Analysis of Blockchain Efficiency with Communication Delay
  • Susan Eisenbach, Sophia Drossopoulou, James Noble and Julian Mackay. Holistic Specifications for Robust Programs
  • Aren Babikian, Oszkár Semeráth and Daniel Varro. Automated Generation of Consistent Graph Models with First-Order Logic Theorem Provers
  • Ramon Janssen. Combining Partial Specifications using Alternating Interface Automata
  • Erwan Mahe, Christophe Gaston and Pascale Le Gall. Revisiting semantics of interactions for trace validity analysis

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