FOSSACS 2015 Programme

Monday 13 April
09h00 - 10h00 Invited Talk (Chair: Joost-Pieter Katoen)
Frank Pfenning. Polarized Substructural Session Types
10h30 - 12h30 Semantics of Programming Languages I (Chair: Andrew Pitts)
  • Konstantinos Mamouras. Synthesis of Strategies and the Hoare Logic of Angelic Nondeterminism
  • Paul-André Melliès and Charles Grellois. An infinitary model of linear logic
  • Pierre Clairambault and Peter Dybjer. Game Semantics and Normalization by Evaluation
  • Martín Abadi, Frank McSherry and Gordon Plotkin. Foundations of Differential Dataflow
14h00 - 16h00 Categorical Models and Logics (Chair: Peter Dybjer)
  • Bart Jacobs, Bas Westerbaan and Bram Westerbaan. States of Convex Sets
  • Matthijs Vákár. Syntax and Semantics of Linear Dependent Types
  • Joost Winter. A completeness result for finite lambda-bisimulations
  • Ranald Clouston and Rajeev Goré. Sequent Calculus in the Topos of Trees
16h30 - 17h30 Modal and Temporal Logics (Chair: Christian Urban)
  • Bartek Klin and Jurriaan Rot. Coalgebraic trace semantics via forgetful logics
  • Laura Bozzelli, Bastien Maubert and Sophie Pinchinat. Unifying Hyper and Epistemic Temporal Logics
Tuesday 14 April
10h30 - 12h30 Concurrent, probabilistic and timed systems (Chair: Daniele Varacca)
  • Giorgio Bacci, Giovanni Bacci, Kim Guldstrand Larsen and Radu Mardare. On the Total Variation Distance of Semi-Markov Chains
  • Rohit Chadha, A. Prasad Sistla, Mahesh Viswanathan and Yue Ben. Decidable and Expressive classes of Probabilistic Automata
  • Blaise Genest, Doron Peled and Sven Schewe. Knowledge = observation + memory + computation
  • Daniel Gebler, Kim Guldstrand Larsen and Simone Tini. Compositional metric reasoning with Probabilistic Process Calculi
16h30 - 18h00 Semantics of Programming Languages II (Chair: Dan Licata)
  • Conrad Cotton-Barratt, David Hopkins, Andrzej Murawski and Luke Ong. Fragments of ML Decidable by Nested Data Class Memory Automata
  • Guilhem Jaber. Operational Nominal Game Semantics
  • Aleš Bizjak and Lars Birkedal. Step-Indexed Logical Relations for Probability
Wednesday 15 April
10h30 - 12h30 Automata, Games, Verification (Chair: Maribel Fernandez)
  • Stefan Kiefer, Ines Marusic and James Worrell. Minimisation of Multiplicity Tree Automata
  • Yaron Velner. Robust Multidimensional Mean-Payoff Games are Undecidable
  • Hsi-Ming Ho and Joel Ouaknine. The Cyclic-Routing UAV Problem is PSPACE-complete
  • Sylvain Salvati and Igor Walukiewicz. Typing weak MSOL properties
16h30 - 18h00 Logical Aspects of Computational Complexity (Chair: Edmund Robinson)
  • Timos Antonopoulos, Paul Hunter, Shahab Raza and James Worrell. Three Variables Suffice for Real-Time Logic
  • Peter Habermehl and Dietrich Kuske. On Presburger arithmetic extended with modulo counting quantifiers
  • Moses Ganardi. Parity Games of Bounded Tree- and Clique-Width
Thursday 16 April
14h00 - 16h00 Type Theory, Proof Theory and Implicit Computational Complexity (Chair: Maribel Fernandez)
  • Ranald Clouston, Aleš Bizjak, Hans Bugge Grathwohl and Lars Birkedal. Programming and Reasoning with Guarded Recursion for Coinductive Types
  • Daniel Leivant and Ramyaa Ramyaa. The computational contents of ramified corecurrence
  • Marc Bagnol, Amina Doumane and Alexis Saurin. On the dependencies of logical rules
  • Aleksy Schubert, Pawel Urzyczyn and Konrad Zdanowski. On the Mints Hierarchy in First-Order Intuitionistic Logic

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