FASE 2012 accepted papers

  • Davide Di Ruscio, Ivano Malavolta, Henry Muccini, Patrizio Pelliccione and Alfonso Pierantonio. Model-driven techniques to enhance Architectural Languages Interoperability
  • Sebastian Bauer, Alexandre David, Rolf Hennicker, Kim Guldstrand Larsen, Axel Legay, Ulrik Nyman and Andrzej Wasowski. Moving from Specifications to Contracts in Component-based Design
  • DEMO: Kyungmin Bae, Peter Olveczky, Abdullah Al-Nayeem and Jose Meseguer. The SynchAADL2Maude Tool
  • José Luiz Fiadeiro and Antonia Lopes. Consistency of Service Composition
  • Jonas Eckhardt, Tobias Muehlbauer, Musab Al Turki, Jose Meseguer and Martin Wirsing. Stable Availability under Denial of Service Attacks through Formal Patterns
  • DEMO: Stefan Naujokat, Anna-Lena Lamprecht and Bernhard Steffen. Tool Demonstration: Loose Programming with PROPHETS.
  • Vineet Kahlon. Exploiting Schedule Insensitivity for Enhancing Concurrent Program Verification
  • Leo Hatvani, Paul Pettersson and Cristina Seceleanu. Adaptive Task Automata: A Framework for Verifying Adaptive Embedded Systems
  • Elvira Albert, Richard Bubel, Samir Genaim, Reiner Hähnle and Guillermo Román Díez. Verified Resource Guarantees for Heap Manipulating Programs
  • Fabrizio Maria Maggi, Marco Montali and Wil Van Der Aalst. An Operational Decision Support Framework for Monitoring Business Constraints
  • Zinovy Diskin, Tom Maibaum and Krzysztof Czarnecki . Intermodeling, queries, and Kleisli categories
  • Hartmut Ehrig, Claudia Ermel, Frank Hermann and Fernando Orejas. Concurrent Model Synchronization with Conflict Resolution Based on Triple Graph Grammars
  • Julian Bradfield and Perdita Stevens. Recursive checkonly QVT-R transformations with general 'when' and 'where' clauses via the modal mu calculus
  • Maarten De Mol, Arend Rensink and James J. Hunt. Graph Transforming Java Data
  • Rick Salay, Marsha Chechik and Michalis Famelis. Language Independent Refinement using Partial Modeling
  • Roberto Bruni, Andrea Corradini, Fabio Gadducci, Alberto Lluch Lafuente and Andrea Vandin. A Conceptual Framework for Adaptation
  • Thomas Thüm, Ina Schaefer, Martin Kuhlemann, Sven Apel and Gunter Saake. Applying Design by Contract to Feature-Oriented Programming
  • Jiangfan Shi, Myra Cohen and Matthew Dwyer. Integration Testing of Software Product Lines Using Compositional Symbolic Execution
  • Julia Rubin and Marsha Chechik. Combining Related Products into Product Lines
  • Andreas Mauczka, Markus Huber, Christian Schanes, Wolfgang Schramm, Mario Bernhart and Thomas Grechenig. Tracing your Maintenance Work - A Cross-Project Validation of an Automated Classification Dictionary for Commit Messages
  • Earl Barr, Christian Bird, Peter Rigby, Abram Hindle, Daniel German and Premkumar Devanbu. Cohesive and Isolated Development with Branches
  • Mario Luis Guimares and Antonio Rito Silva. Making Software Integration Really Continuous
  • Giovanni Becce, Leonardo Mariani, Oliviero Riganelli and Mauro Santoro. Extracting Widget Descriptions from GUIs
  • Zhenyue Long, Georgel Calin, Rupak Majumdar and Roland Meyer. Language-Theoretic Abstraction Refinement
  • Dalal Alrajeh, Jeff Kramer, Alessandra Russo and Sebastian Uchitel. Learning from Vacuously Satisfiable Scenario-based Specifications
  • Martin Erwig and Rahul Gopinath. Explanations for Regular Expressions
  • Matt Staats, Gregory Gay, Michael Whalen and Mats Heimdahl. On the Danger of Coverage Directed Test Case Generation
  • Macario Polo Usaola, Pedro Reales Mateo and Beatriz Pérez Lamancha. Reduction of Test Suites Using Mutation
  • Taha Triki, Yves Ledru, Lydie Du Bousquet, Frédéric Dadeau and Julien Botella. Model-based filtering of large combinatorial
    test suites
  • Rim Mahouachi, Marouane Kessentini and Khaled Gh?dira. A New Design Defects Classification: Marrying Detection and Correction
  • Aharon Abadi, Ran Ettinger and Yishai A. Feldman. Fine Slicing: Theory and Applications for Computation Extraction
  • Josep Silva, Salvador Tamarit and César Tomás. System Dependence Graphs in Sequential Erlang
  • Huiqing Li and Simon Thompson. A Domain-Specific Language for Scripting Refactorings in Erlang

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