ESOP 2012 accepted papers

  • Ansgar Fehnker, Rob Van Glabbeek, Peter Höfner, Annabelle Mciver, Marius Portmann and Wee Lum Tan.   A Process Algebra for Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Lisbeth Fajstrup, Eric Goubault, Emmanuel Haucourt, Samuel Mimram and Martin Raussen. Trace Spaces: an Efficient New Technique for State-Space Reduction
  • Patrick Cousot and Michael Monerau. Probabilistic Abstract Interpretation
  • Andreas Lochbihler. Java and the Java Memory Model - a Unified, Machine-Checked Formalisation
  • Kento Emoto, Sebastian Fischer and Zhenjiang Hu. Generate, Test, and Aggregate ---A Calculation-based Framework for Systematic Parallel Programming with MapReduce
  • Ilya Sergey and Dave Clarke. Gradual Ownership Types
  • Gyesik Lee, Bruno C. D. S. Oliveira, Sungkeun Cho and Kwangkeun Yi. GMeta: A Generic Formal Metatheory Framework for First-Order Representations
  • Sebastian Burckhardt, Alexey Gotsman, Madanlal Musuvathi and Hongseok Yang. Concurrent library correctness on the TSO memory model
  • Stephen Chang and Matthias Felleisen. The Call-by-need Lambda Calculus, Revisited
  • Axel Habermaier and Alexander Knapp. On the Correctness of the SIMT Execution Model of GPUs
  • Gilles Barthe, Delphine Demange and David Pichardie. A formally verified SSA-based middle-end -- Single Static Assignment meets CompCert
  • Rohit Chadha, Stefan Ciobaca and Steve Kremer. Automated verification of equivalence properties of cryptographic protocols
  • Jonas Braband Jensen and Lars Birkedal. Fictional Separation Logic
  • Ruy Ley-Wild, Umut Acar and Guy Blelloch. Non-Monotonic Self-Adjusting Computation
  • Morten Rhiger. Staged Computation with Staged Lexical Scope
  • Mohamed Faouzi Atig, Ahmed Bouajjani, Sebastian Burckhardt and Madanlal Musuvathi. What's Decidable About Weak Memory Models?
  • Neelakantan Krishnaswami and Nick Benton. Adding Equations to System F
  • Yi Lu, John Potter, Chenyi Zhang and Jingling Xue. A Type and Effect System for Determinism in Multithreaded Programs
  • Jun Inoue and Walid Taha. Reasoning About Multi-Stage Programs
  • Sergueï Lenglet and Joe Wells. Expansion for Universal Quantifiers
  • Taolue Chen, Chris Chilton, Bengt Jonsson and Marta Kwiatkowska. A Compositional Specification Theory for Component Behaviours
  • Jacques-Henri Jourdan, François Pottier and Xavier Leroy. Validating LR(1) Parsers
  • Christos Dimoulas, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt and Matthias Felleisen. Complete Monitoring for Behavioral Contracts
  • Pierre-Malo Denielou and Nobuko Yoshida. Multiparty Session Types Meet Communicating Automata
  • Peter Hawkins, Alex Aiken, Kathleen Fisher, Martin Rinard and Mooly Sagiv. Reasoning About Lock Placements
  • Paul Downen and Zena M. Ariola. A Systematic Approach to Delimited Control with Multiple Prompts
  • Sebastian Burckhardt, Manuel Fahndrich, Daan Leijen and Mooly Sagiv. Eventually Consistent Transactions
  • Jorge A. Pérez, Luis Caires, Frank Pfenning and Bernardo Toninho. Linear Logical Relations for Session-Based Concurrency

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