POST 2012 accepted papers

  • Jason Crampton and Charles Morisset. PTaCL: A Language for Attribute-Based Access Control in Open Systems
  • Miriam Paiola and Bruno Blanchet. Verification of security protocols with lists: from length one to unbounded length
  • Dimiter Milushev and Dave Clarke. Towards Incrementalization of Holistic Hyperproperties
  • Matteo Centenaro, Riccardo Focardi and Flaminia Luccio. Type-based Analysis of PKCS#11
  • Ting-Fang Yen and Michael Reiter. Revisiting Botnet Models and Their Implications for Takedown Strategies
  • Jason Franklin, Sagar Chaki, Anupam Datta, Jonathan Mccune and Amit Vasudevan. Parametric Verification of Address Space Separation
  • Veronique Cortier, Jan Degrieck and Stephanie Delaune. Analysing routing protocols: four nodes topologies are sufficient
  • Eike Best and Philippe Darondeau. Deciding Selective Declassification of Petri Nets
  • Myrto Arapinis, Sergiu Bursuc and Mark Ryan. Privacy supporting cloud computing: ConfiChair, a case study
  • Myrto Arapinis, Sergiu Bursuc and Mark Ryan. Reduction of equational theories for verification of trace equivalence: re-encryption and associativity-commutativity
  • Veronique Cortier and Cyrille Wiedling. A formal analysis of the Norwegian e-voting protocol
  • David Basin, Cas Cremers and Simon Meier. Provably Repairing the ISO/IEC 9798 Standard for Entity Authentication
  • Hubert Comon-Lundh, Véronique Cortier and Guillaume Scerri. Security proof with dishonest keys
  • Gilles Barthe, Benjamin Gregoire, Sylvain Heraud, Federico Olmedo and Santiago Zanella Béguelin. Verified Indifferentiable Hashing into Elliptic Curves
  • David Basin, Vincent Juge, Felix Klaedtke and Eugen Zalinescu. Enforceable Security Policies Revisited
  • Gergei Bana and Hubert Comon-Lundh. Towards Unconditional Soundness: Computationally Complete Symbolic Attacker
  • Mu Yang, Vladimiro Sassone and Sardaouna Hamadou. A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Cooperation in Anonymity Networks
  • Anupam Datta, Divya Sharma and Arunesh Sinha. Provable De-anonymization of Large Datasets with Sparse Dimensions
  • Torben Amtoft, Josiah Dodds, Zhi Zhang, Andrew Appel, Lennart Beringer, John Hatcliff, Xinming Ou and Andrew Cousino. A Certificate Infrastructure for Machine-Checked Proofs of Conditional Information Flow
  • Umut Acar, Amal Ahmed, James Cheney and Roly Perera. A core calculus for provenance

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