ETAPS Conferences

ETAPS is a confederation of several conferences, each with its own Programme Committee and Steering Committee. ETAPS is the most important and visible annual European event related to software sciences. Altogether, more than 500 researchers participate in this event every year.

The confederated conferences cover various aspects of software systems, ranging from theoretical foundations to programming language developments, compiler advancements, analysis tools, formal approaches to software engineering, and security.

From 2020 on ETAPS consists of four conferences:

  •  ESOP
  •  FASE
  •  FoSSaCS

POST, which was an ETAPS conference 2012-2019, has been discontinued.

Organising these conferences in a coherent, highly synchronised conference programme, enables the participation in an exciting event, having the possibility to meet many researchers working in different directions in the field, and to easily attend talks of difference conferences. Almost a thousand scientific papers are submitted to the event each year, and are evaluated strictly on the basis of their scientific merits. Before and after the main conference programme, numerous satellite workshops take place and attract many researchers from all over the world.


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