This is the list of satellite events (mostly workshops) organized as a part of ETAPS 2023. In case of general workshop questions, please contact the workshop chairs Benedikt Bollig and Stefan Haar.

Acronym Name Organizers Date(s)
COOP 2023 4th Workshop on Cooperative Software Verification Dirk Beyer, Heike Wehrheim Sun, April 23
CREST 2023 6th Workshop on Formal Reasoning about Causation, Responsibility, & Explanations in Science & Technology Georgiana Caltais, Ebru Aydin Gol Sun, April 23
HCVS-23 10th Workshop on Horn Clauses for Verification and Synthesis Fabio Fioravanti Sun, April 23
LiVe 2023 7th Workshop on Learning in Verification Jan Křetínský Sat, April 22
EMW 2023 ETAPS Mentoring Workshop Wolfgang Ahrendt, Stephan Merz, Caterina Urban Sun, April 23
PLACES'23 14th International Workshop on Programming Language Approaches to Concurrency and Communication-cEntric Software Ilaria Castellani, Alceste Scalas Sat, April 22
RRRR 2023 2nd Workshop on Reproducibility and Replication of Research Results Dirk Beyer, Arnd Hartmanns Sat, April 22
RW 2023 3rd Rust Verification Workshop Rajeev Joshi, Nicholas Matsakis, Peter Müller Sun, April 23
SynCoP 2023 8th International Workshop on Synthesis of Complex Parameters Engel Lefaucheux, Didier Lime Sat-Sun, April 22-23
TADM 2023 2nd International Workshop on Trusted Automated Decision-Making Ramesh Bharadwaj, Ilya Parker Sat, April 22
TiCSA 1st Workshop on Trends in Configurable Systems Analysis Maurice ter Beek, Clemens Dubslaff Sun, April 23
TLA 2023 TLA+ Stephan Merz, Igor Konnov, Markus Kuppe Sat, April 22
VerifyThis 2023 VerifyThis Verification Competition Marieke Huisman, Rosemary Monahan, Peter Müller, Mattias Ulbrich, Stephen Siegel, Xavier Denis Sat-Sun, April 22-23

Workshop on
the Model Checking Contest

Fabrice Kordon, Hubet Garavel, Pierre Bouvier, Emmanuel Paviot-Adet, Loig Jezequel, Francis Hulin-Hubard Sun, April 23



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