ESOP'99 - European Symposium On Programming

Amsterdam, 20-28 March 1999


The conference is devoted to fundamental issues concerning programming languages and systems. Approaches to the specification, analysis and implementation of languages and systems are the main concern; papers should emphasise usefulness, soundness, and correctness. Contributions which bridge the gap between theory and practice are particularly welcome.

Topics traditionally covered by ESOP include:

Programme Committee

Contact: Doaitse Swierstra

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Monday March 22

8:45 Welcome
9:00 Invited tutorial Research challenges in renovation of legacy software

P. Klint (CWI and Univ. Amsterdam), A. van Deursen (CWI, Amsterdam) and C. Verhoef (Univ. Amsterdam):

10:30 Coffee
11:00 S. Gay , M. Hole (Royal Holloway, London): Types and subtypes for client-server interactions

C. Flanagan, M. Abadi (Compaq Systems Research Center, Palo Alto): Types for safe locking

G. Barthe (Chalmers, Gothenburg), M.J. Frade (Univ. Minho): Constructor subtyping

V. Trifonov, Z. Shao (Yale Univ): Safe and principled language interoperation

13:00 Lunch
14:30 Invited talk: Making Java easier to type, and easier to type

G. Bracha (Sun Micro Systems, USA):

15:30 Coffee
16:00 A. Mycroft (Cambridge Univ): Type-based decompilation

O. Danvy (Aarhus Univ.), Z. Yang (New York Univ.): An operational investigation of the CPS hierarchy

P. Thiemann (Univ. Nottingham): Higher-order code splicing

S. Krishnamurthi, Y.-D. Erlich, M. Felleisen (Rice Univ.): Expressing structural properties as language constructs

Evening Reception

Tuesday March 23

9:00 Invited Talk: Functional reactive programming

P. Hudak (Yale University)

10:00 Coffee
10:30 M. Norrish (Cambridge University): Deterministic expressions in C

A. Poetzsch-Heffter, P. Müller (Fernuniversität Hagen): A programming logic for sequential Java

A. Podelski, W. Charatonik and M. Müller (Univ. Saarlandes, Saarbrücken): Set-based error diagnosis of concurrent constraint programs

E. Moggi (Univ. Genova), W. Taha, Z. Benaissa, T. Sheard (Oregon Graduate Institute): An idealized MetaML: simpler, and more expressive

12:30 Lunch
14:00 M. Benedikt (Bell Laboratories), T. Reps (Univ. of Wisconsin), M. Sagiv (Tel Aviv University): A decidable logic for describing linked data structures

F. Nielson, H. Riis Nielson (Aarhus University): Interprocedural control flow analysis

A. Sabelfeld, D. Sands (Chalmers, Gothenburg): A per model of secure information flow in sequential programs

A. King, J. Smaus, P. Hill (Univ. Kent at Canterbury): Quotienting share for dependency analysis

16:00 Coffee
16:15- 18:00 Panel discussion

The PITAC Reportcts

Evening ETAPS Banquet

Wednesday March 23

9:00 Invited Talk: Security protocols and specifications

M. Abadi (Compaq Systems Research Center, Palo Alto)

10:00 Coffee
10:30 P. Jansson (Chalmers, Gothenburg), J. Jeuring (Univ. Utrecht): Polytypic compact printing and parsing

Y. Liu, S. Stoller (Indiana University): Dynamic programming via static incrementalization

M. van den Brand (CWI, Amsterdam), P. Klint (CWI and Univ. Amsterdam), P. Olivier (Univ. Amsterdam): Compilation and memory management for ASF+SDF

H. Saito, N. Stavrakos, S. Carroll, C. Polychronopoulos (Univ. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), A. Nicolau (Univ. California at Irvine): The design of the PROMIS compiler

12:30 Lunch