ETAPS 2005 will be held at two locations. The events from Monday 4th until Friday 8th April will take place in George Square (Appleton Tower and George Square Theatre). The satellite events at the enclosing weekends (2nd/3rd and 9th/10th April) will be held at the University's Science Campus at King's Buildings (KB), 2 miles south of the city centre, in the James Clerk Maxwell Building on Mayfield Road. Note that two satellite events, CMSB and TGC, are in JCMB on the weekend and in Appleton Tower on 4 - 8 April. The precise allocation of events-to-rooms, along with a description of the equipment in each room, is available here. This information is also available from the programme.

The following map shows both locations: There are details on how to travel to the locations in Local Information: Travel between ETAPS locations

ETAPS at King's Buildings, Mayfield Road (JCMB)

This map shows King's Buildings with the James Clerk Maxwell Building. Lunches will be held at KB House (building 10 on the map).
James Clerk Maxwell Building
Finding JCMB, and finding your way around it can be a little confusing at first. Please allow some time for this if you are not familiar with the building.
The main entrance to JCMB is at the east end on level 2. From the entrance hall steps lead up to level 3 which gives access to the three principal lecture theatres, A, B & C. Registration will be on level 3 near the lecture theatres. Coffee breaks will be in the same area. In the programme you will find the location of the individual events.
Changing floors: there are two passenger lifts located adjacent to the main entrance near the porters' lodge, past the double doors. There are also stairs throughout the building. Follow the black 'Way out' signs to get back to the porters' lodge.
Toilets: there are toilets on the ground floor (level 2) close to the entrance hall near the porters' lodge. There are also toilets on all other floors.

ETAPS in town, Central Area, George Square

The main conferences on 4-8 April will be held in Appleton Tower (AT) and George Square Lecture Theatre (GSLT). Please see programme for individual events.

Most lectures will take place in AT (highlighted on this map); GSLT (highlighted on this map) will be used mostly for plenary sessions, e.g. the invited talks. Registration will be held in Appleton Tower concourse (through the main entrance).

Appleton Tower is accessible from Crichton Street opposite the big car park. There is a wide concourse at ground level giving access to lecture theatres 1, 2 and 3, which are entered at the back. On the first floor, there is a wide balcony giving access to lecture theatres 4 and 5. There is a bank of three lifts at the back of the concourse. For seminar and tutorials rooms as well as computer and demo rooms please refer to your programme. Toilets can be found on the left-hand side of the concourse.