Getting around in Barcelona

General Information about Barcelona

Almost any kind of information about Barcelona that you may need can be found at the web pages of the City Hall. In particular these pages include a very useful interactive city map. In particular, the City Hall web pages may be very useful when you want to get some specific kind of information (for instance the address, telephone number and opening hours of a restaurant or the web page of a museum). However, they may be not as useful when, for instance, you just want to get an overall idea about what you can do in Barcelona. For this purpose,  you can look, for instance, at this guide.

Public Transportation in Barcelona

In Barcelona public transport consists, essentially, of a network buses and two kinds of underground train: a "standard" metro and a train, similar to Paris RER, that also reaches some nearby towns. For details and useful information, including advices on the best itineraries between any two addresses in Barcelona, you may look at the web pages of the TMB.

Tickets can be bought at metro stations and at many tobacco shops and newspaper agents. Single tickets can also be bought from the bus drivers. Tickets are valid for all means of transport mentioned above. There are many kinds of tickets that you can buy (see TMB), but we advice you to buy a T-10 card. This card is valid for ten combined journeys. A combined journey means that, from the moment you validate your card, you can combine different kinds of transportation during 1h15m. Nevertheless, when you change into another kind of transport you should again validate your card (but the card will not be marked if you are within the 1h15m). The cost of a T-10 card is 6 euro. The cost of a single ticket, which can only be used for a single kind of transportation, is 1.10 euro.

Some things to do in Barcelona

In addition to visiting all the nice places and museums that are described in the guides mentioned above, there are some other places that you may like to visit while in Barcelona: